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I'm a life long explorer with a love for documenting the journey and that often takes the form of photography. I have a curiosity about many subjects and, to name a few areas of interest, that can include different places, people, wildlife and sports; photography has played a big part in providing the me with opportunities to indulge my curiosities and to explore. Living in both Washington DC and St. Paul, Minnesota has given me the ability have an up close view of DC politics as well as a comfortable distance and perspective from the midwest. It's a very nice combination. When I travel, both for work and vacation, I always try to build in a couple extra hours to get out and about to explore; the morning hours have always been good to me. My go-to travel guides are the Roadside America app and Atlas Obscura for leading me down paths to the weird and wonderful. 

Many of my photos have a Creative Commons license which means they can be used & shared with attribution. Often, small news organizations & nonprofits are able to make use of them rather than paying large fees from stock agencies. They're also on many different Wikipedia pages. 

One of my photos even shows up in Barbra Streisand’s video, “Don’t Lie to Me” it’s the photo at the end of a woman holding a sign with the words, “The Entire World Is Crying” taken outside the Supreme Court.

My work also includes videography and icons.  Learning video has been an extension of my knowledge of photography and much of my work in that area is also of a documentary nature. And the icons, most on the noun project, have been growing a hobby. They tend to be subjects in the news.